Brass Split Bolts

Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel


ZP, Phosphating, H.D.G, Mechanical Galvanized, Power Coating or Dacromet as per custom specification.




DIN, ANSI, JIS & As per customer's require.

Heat Treatment

Tempering, Hardening, Spheroidizing and Stress Relieving.


Suitable for the sequence and transportation of all kinds of conductor in electric network.

Main Conductor A mm2 Tap Conductor B mm2 Screw Type
10 1.5-10 M10 X 40mm
16 2.5-16 M10 X 40mm
25 2.5-25 M10 X 40mm
35 2.5-35 M10 X 40mm
50 2.5-50 M10 X 40mm
70 2.5-70 M10 X 40mm
95 2.5-95 M12 X 40mm
120 10-120 M12 X 40mm
150 10-150 M12 X 40mm
185 50-185 M12 X 40mm
240 95-240 M12 X 40mm
We can manufacture and export Split Bolts as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us