Lock Nut
  • Recommended when installing aluminium Cable Glands to prevent the galvanic corrosion which can occur when dissimilar metals are coupled together.
Stainless Steel
  • Corrosion resistant with increased strength at high temperatures.

metric thread form brass locknuts in a choice of standard duty and heavy duty options


Up to and including M32. Zinc Plated Mild Steel – A cost effective alternative to brass locknuts and should be used only in dry, low humidity conditions.

  • Used to secure cable gland to the equipment where entry hole is not tapped.
  • Lock Nuts recommended for most corrosive environments.
  • Aluminium backnuts should be used with aluminium glands.
  • Steel locknuts are primarily for dry, low humidity environments.
  • Recommended in securing Brass Cable Glands and Accessories to a gland plate or into equipment.
We can manufacture and export Lock Nut as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us