HRC Fuse Connectors
  • Overload characteristics limit cable damage due to low overload currents.
  • Excellent Current Limiting characteristics limit damage to equipment and installations by the thermal and magnetic energy associated with a large short-circuit fault current.
  • Leads to optimal selectivity for the cable size & downstream protection devices.
  • HRC fuse connectors and HRC fuse links are used in Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and other Plastic Cases Assembly.
  • Provides both overload and short-circuit protection to HRC requirements.
  • Offset blades for bolt-on mounting.
  • Fuse blown indication is available through a red pop-up indicator.
  • Spring indicator, minimum operating voltage 10V
  • 2amp to 800 amp, Available in Cylindrical, DIN and BS type, Suitable Fuse Base & Fuse Pulling Handle are also available.
High Breaking Capacity
  • 80kA for Cylindrical & BS Type & 100kA for DIN Type
We can manufacture and export HRC Fuse Connectors as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us