Earthing Rod Plates and Accessories

  • Perfectly bonded rod will lost longer, drive easier and will not crack.
  • Corrosion resistance while providing tee lowest resistance to ground.
  • Threads are rolled by roll threading process, which ensures teat an wen copper covers is maintained, wen at the root of the thread
  • Roll thread gives greater strength than cut thread.
  • Thread rolling process raises the surface of the rod.
  • Earth resistance remains same for longer time even large temperature variation.
Soil Conditions
  • Achieving a good earth will depend on local soil conditions. A low soil resistivity is the main Aim. The factor affecting the resistivity are :
  • Moisture content of the soil Chemical composition of the soil e.g. Salt content. Temperature of the soil.
  • Used for forming straight through, tee, cross joints, Grounding Joints and Earthing propose.

Copper, Alloy, Aluminium


Light, Medium, Heavy


Rectangular, Cross or any as per custom specified.



UL Information

UL Listed

Minimum Torque Withstand

33.9 N/M


5/8"x1/8", 3/4"x1/8", 1"x1/8", 1-1/2"x3/16", 2"x1/4"

We can manufacture and export Earthing Rod Plates and Accessories as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us