Trefoil Cable Cleat Type– Aluminium

Two Bolt Cleat
  • Manufactured from Extruded Aluminium.
  • Provides a strong, robust and light solution for cleating single core cables in trefoil formation.
  • Internal grip ridge to eliminate cable slippage.
  • Resists brittleness failures, no hidden defects from any casting process.
  • Greater range ability, when compared to traditional cast trefoil cleats.

IEC 61914:2009

Cleat Type


Short Circuit Withstand

31.4kA RMS (92kA peak)

Resistance to Electro-Mechanical Force

31.4kA (RMS) 71.4kA (peak)

Impact Resistance


Temperature Range

-40°C to + 150°C

Needle Flame Test

>120 seconds

Lateral Load Test


Axial Movement Test


We can manufacture and export Trefoil Cable Cleat Type Aluminium as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us